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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What influences American giving?

What influences American giving?
The Conversation: While scholars have found ample evidence that economic conditions can shape charitable giving, the connection between overall donations and the political climate is less clear.

At Johns Hopkins, clergy try mind-altering drugs for scientific research
The Washington Post: In the Hopkins and NYU study, two dozen clergy -- including priests, pastors and rabbis -- are taking controlled doses of psilocybin, the drug found in psychedelic mushrooms, under the watchful eye of scientists.

What does our religion say to the poor in Dallas?
Dallas News: Howard Thurman's small question, "What does our religion say to them?" has always belonged to the ethical heart of so many people's faith.

Evangelical Trump supporters hark back to the good old days that weren't
Religion News Service: Trump's winning mantra - "Make America Great Again" - was congruent with a wishful return to the Protestant hegemony that once existed in the United States back in the Eden-like "good old days."

6 leadership imperatives
Inside Higher Ed: Retiring senior administrator Tom Rocklin lists the six key things he knows now that he would have liked to have known when just starting out.

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