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Friday, July 28, 2017

The evangelical community is tarnished by DJT

Trump's evangelical advisors reportedly discussed transgender ban at White House meeting
Religion News Service: Evangelical Christian leaders who informally advise the president discussed reversing the year-old policy two weeks ago at a meeting arranged by White House staff in Washington, D.C.

Trump's treatment of Sessions should alarm his loyal evangelical fans
The Washington Post: The evangelical community is tarnished with no guarantee of reciprocal loyalty.

Wealthy people give to charity for different reasons than the rest of us
Scientific American: Charitable appeals work best when tailored to how people see themselves.

Charlie Gard's parents show the strength of human love
The (London) Guardian: When it comes to morality, the passion of love must carry greater weight than the calculations of reason, Giles Fraser says.

The forgotten religions that worshipped electricity
OZY: With its weird, invisible powers and suggestion of vitality and mind power, electricity played a major role in the religious imagination, author says.

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