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Friday, July 14, 2017

So long as it is called today........

So long as it is called today........

I am learning how to live according to what I profess and find sympathies for myself to be the biggest monster in my life. 

I am my idol. 

What shape is yours?

Now that I am old.

I am believing for a "senior" church - a church the world hasn't seen yet. 

Imagine a church of seniors where infirmity of soul does not rule!

What kind of intercessory prayer life will emerge from such a body?

The church is evolving, an evolution that entails death and decay.

Let’s not be upset by it; Jesus isn't. 

Jesus is content at the right hand of the Father.

The church is succeeding as Jesus prophesied.

We live(d) today for His glory and will remain with Him forever Today.

Can I be content in a world that takes no faith to believe in all the while trusting in a God who is firstly known by faith alone?

Ken Nielsen  14 July 2017

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