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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jesus is king for Poland's new rulers

Pence roots administration's support for Israel in faith
Religion News Service: Vice President Mike Pence told evangelical supporters of Israel that God had a hand in creating the state of Israel and that his support for the country is rooted in his faith.

Real story on Dolan and Tobin in NY? Try 'America past acrimony'
Crux: What got lost in the shuffle in NY Times story is that both men are deeply respectful of others and their ideas, and in that sense act as a counter-example in a deeply polarized time in America, John L. Allen says.
Religion News Service: Catholicism's two-party system  
Jesus is king for Poland's new rulers
Bloomberg Businessweek: The populist government wants the country to answer to God, not its critics in Western Europe.

'We're headed toward one of the greatest divisions in the history of the Jewish people'
The Atlantic: A small, vocal group of Conservative rabbis is pushing the movement to accept marriages between Jews and non-Jews. The fight is really about the future of the religion.

Yellowstone Conference facing financial crisis
United Methodist News Service: Yellowstone Conference's financial problems are similar to those facing the rest of the church and having a "gay bishop is only one of many factors," officials said.

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