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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Interview with Frances FitzGerald

From Jonathan Edwards to Jerry Falwell
Pulitzer Prize-winner Frances FitzGerald looks at the long history behind evangelical political activism.
There's a familiar story about evangelical political activism that begins with the 1960s. The country's mores were changing rapidly, and evangelicals, alarmed by a retreat from traditional values, awoke from decades of political slumber and charged back into the arena, launching the Christian Right movement that rippled through American society. Or so the story goes. But for Frances FitzGerald — a journalist, historian, and author — the real story begins at least a century earlier. continue reading >>

Pew: What Christians Worry About Most
How five religious groups rank seven bad scenarios.
Caste Aside: India's New President Has 'No Room for Christians'
Church leaders believe Hindu nationalism will outweigh the Dalit leader's lower-caste loyalties.

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