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Monday, July 17, 2017

Immigrants Are Reshaping American Missions

Immigrants Are Reshaping American Missions
Latino congregations are launching their own international partnerships to support ministries and churches in their homelands.
The knocking roused Valentin Salamanca from bed around 4 a.m. He was not sleeping anyway. He feared they would come, and now they had. Valentin walked a few steps from his bedroom and opened the front door to a man in a black ski mask holding an assault rifle, demanding he come with him. Though the man appeared alone, Valentin could hear other voices in the dark. continue reading >>

Los misioneros inmigrantes
Los inmigrantes latinos están haciendo ministerios en sus patrias y redefiniendo calladamente las misiones norteamericanas.
Between Two Cultures: How Latina Christians Approach Leadership
Yvette Santana pilots a new project to coalesce Hispanic women.
The Exchange
One-on-One with Keith Getty about Being Awarded by the British Empire, Modern Hymns, and His New Book
Hymn writer is the first Christian musician to be awarded an OBE.
The Exchange
Seven Myths Perpetuated by Missions People
Like being one degree off course, the negative outcomes increase in severity.

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