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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm Not Worried About The Future Of The Church

Young, Female, and Pro-Trump
How white evangelical millennials are defying political predictions.
unlike any other age group, millennial evangelical women were more likely than their male counterparts to vote for Trump, according to the Cooperative Congressional Election Study. In last year's election, 73 percent of white evangelical women under 35 voted for Trump compared to 60 percent of white evangelical men of the same age. continue reading >>

Most White Evangelicals Don't Believe Muslims Belong in America
Pew updates its comprehensive survey of what US Muslims believe and do, and how their neighbors feel about them.
David Fitch Turned His Daily McDonald's Run into His Ministry
Planting a church takes time—but it all starts with just being present.
Why I'm Not Worried About The Future Of The Church — Or The Church Of The Future
Churches that adapt their methods to advance Jesus' mission will struggle, but survive and thrive.

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