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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How We Read the Bible Rightly and Get It Wrong

How We Read the Bible Rightly and Get It Wrong
Let's show mercy to those who 'misinterpret' Jeremiah 29:11 and other favorite verses.
Imagine yourself as a seminary student. Now imagine yourself as a young, male seminary student with a semi-educated, somewhat emotional, faithful churchgoing but biblically untrained mother-in-law. You like her well enough, but as your own seminary training has increased your exegetical skills, knowledge of church history, and theological acumen, you have found a corresponding increase in discomfort when talking to her about God and the Bible. continue reading >>

8 Life and Leadership Lessons From The Jayden K. Smith Hoax
If we don't learn what we can from this silly little episode, we might fall for the next big one.
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What Does an Authentic Christian Reception of Syrian Refugees to the United States Look Like?
Tessa Afshar Writes in Search of Sacred Romance
The biblical fiction author shares how reading romance novels revealed her need for a loving Savior.
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Theology for Life, Episode 27
The study of God begins with two questions: Who is this God? and How does knowing Him more affect how I live?

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