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Monday, July 31, 2017

#Hartmansummer 2017

After more than six weeks of innovative programming in Jerusalem, #HartmanSummer 2017 has come to an end. Close to 500 lay leaders, rabbis, educators, scholars, Jewish professionals, students, and Christian and Muslim leaders from around the world participated in programs addressing some of the significant challenges and questions facing modern Israel and the Jewish people today. Highlights include:
  • Dozens of philosophers from around the world gathered for the annual International Philosophy Conference to study "Contemporary Jewish Identities: How 1967 Has Shaped Jewish Identity in Israel and North America." 
  • More than 170 community leaders participated in the 2017 Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat (CLP), including, for the first time, 11 Leadership Fellows of the Avi Schaefer Fund, and more than 120 rabbis participated in the 2017 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar, engaging in lectures, havruta study, electives, and tiyulim. Both programs addressed the topic "1917, 1947, 1967: The Legacy of the Past and the Future of Modern Israel." 
  • 27 rabbis in the sixth cohort of the Rabbinic Leadership Initiative returned for their second summer at Hartman.
  • North American and Israeli rabbis came together for study, discussion, and slichot at "The City That Unites All of Israel," held on the fast of 17 Tammuz to discuss religious pluralism in Israel and the relationship between Israeli and North American Jews.
  • The Christian Leadership Initiative, in partnership with AJC, brought 25 participants to their final session in Jerusalem on "Faith, War, and Peace." 
  • The fifth cohort of emerging North American Muslim leaders  in the Muslim Leadership Initiative came to the Institute to study "Encountering Israel: Foundations of Peoplehood and Faith." 
  • More than a dozen North American student leaders, as part of the iEngage Summer Internship, attended courses and worked with Institute faculty on ongoing research projects. Three students from Wheaton College also studied at Hartman this summer.
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