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Friday, July 21, 2017

Good works of churches often go unnoticed

The rise of the nons: Protestants keep ditching denominations
Christianity Today: Nondenominational identity has doubled in the US since 2000, Gallup finds.

In Mississippi, aging Muslim community worries about its future
The Washington Post: When Abdul Hakim Shareef looks out on these hills, this mosque in New Medinah, Miss. -- this perfect embodiment of a Muslim ideal -- he hopes it won't all end with him.

The media's Pope Francis problem
The Week: The media does not understand Pope Francis.

Good works of churches often go unnoticed
Religion News Service: At least half of Americans realize that churches feed and clothe the poor but far fewer are aware of other social services that congregations provide, a new study shows.

Church to celebrate life of Catholic priest who found peace as a transgender woman
The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer: On Sunday, Wedgewood Church in Charlotte will celebrate Nancy Ledins, a congregant who began life in 1932 as William Griglak, became a Roman Catholic priest in 1959 and underwent a sex-change operation in 1979. She died last week at age 84.

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