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Friday, July 14, 2017

Global Disorder

War Without Strategy
This is a dangerous edition of The Galli Report, because I'll be dabbling in an area I know little about—foreign affairs. That doesn't stop me from being fascinated by it.

Take, for instance, this analysis of our recent wars in the Middle East. As an amateur in this field, I found "The Wages of War Without Strategy" a compelling argument: The United States hasn't had a coherent strategy or end game, and this more than anything is the source of our woes in that region. I assume readers of the GR will inform me of alternative ways of looking at that complex subject! Not every follower of Jesus has to concern himself with such complex issues, but I'm glad some are called to do so.
Global Disorder
Another foreign policy analysis comes from Andrew Bacevich, whose writing I've pointed to before. Again his argument makes sense to me: We long for the "global order" that at one time characterized US foreign policy, but that seems to be a bit of nostalgia, or more bluntly, a myth. Not sure what this says about what we should do now, but it does suggest that global politics is a messy business even in the best of times. Lord, have mercy.
The Limits of Globalization
And just when I'm ready to give up on the idea of the nation-state comes "The Case for Nations" by philosopher Roger Scruton. Scruton is—to me anyway—at his sensible best.
What the Benedict Option Looks Like in Australia
Lots of ink and pixels have been spent in arguing about Rod Dreher's The Benedict Option. It is not, as some of would have it, an argument for withdrawal from the public square but instead a vision of what engagement might look like at the local level. That idea has been disruptive enough in the US. But theologian Michael Bird believes that in anti-Christian Australia, Christians need to do something even more disruptive. It's a reminder of how thinking globally can give us fresh perspective on how to tackle things at home.
Grace and peace,
Mark Galli
Mark Galli
Mark Galli
Editor in Chief, Christianity Today

P.S. In the rush to get two Galli Reports out before the July 4 weekend, I failed to put the correct link in for the humor video about the breakup of Britain and the U.S. I hope this link is correct!

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