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Friday, July 7, 2017

Finding My 'True Self' As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman

Finding My 'True Self' As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
In my young-adult struggle with sexual identity, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me floundering.
As Christians debate homosexuality in the context of our current culture, the church—like the rest of our country—is experiencing growing division and is now sharply polarized over an issue that few of us discussed at all 15 or 20 years ago. Groups on both sides of the debate often fall short in balancing the age-old tension between law and grace. continue reading >>

What the Single in Your Pew Needs from You
Singles are on the rise. Here's what forward-looking churches need to know.
Gina Dalfonzo
The Exchange
China, House Churches, and the Growth of the Kingdom
Two-thirds of Chinese Christians attend a house church.
Brian C. Stiller
Christian History
The Robust Faith of George III
The "mad" ruler of England during the American Revolution led a life of impressive personal piety.
Tyler Streckert
Beginning of Wisdom
3 Ways to Prevent Bible Study Dropouts
What really keeps us engaged with the discipline of studying Scripture.
Jen Wilkin
Kay Warren: 'We Were in Marital Hell'
Through God's work in our lives, we've beaten the odds that divorce would be the outcome of our ill-advised union.
Kay Warren
The Turquoise Table Movement Wants You
Kristin Schell invites believers to trade entertaining for simple front-yard hospitality.
Jessy Shelton
A Walking Disaster
How a hurricane helped me weather my battle with cancer.
Jamie Aten
Why It's A Bad Idea To Run A Church Like A Business
Anyone can own and run a business. But Jesus owns the church. So he gets to say how it should be run.
Karl Vaters
You Have God's Blessing to Say 'God Bless America'
Why a faith that transcends all nations leaves room for patriotic devotion.
Matt Reynolds
Why Christian Scholars Loved Peter Berger
His sympathetic treatment of faith made him a rock star among Christ-following academics.
D. Michael Lindsay
The Exchange
Buffet Discipleship: Picking and Choosing in Unbiblical Proportions
The root of being a disciple is discipline.
Wendy Martin and Karen Swanson
Forgive Us Our Debts: How Christian College Grads Pay the Price
Evangelical schools work to capture the real cost of student loans.
Kate Shellnutt
The Exchange
What Does It Really Mean to Bear "Much Fruit"?
Paco Amador
CT Pastors
People Aren't Projects
...and other lessons I learned as a rural pastor.
Brad Roth
Book Review
Finally, Jackie Robinson's Faith Is Getting the Attention It Deserves
Two books shine a long-overdue spotlight on the Christian convictions of the man who broke baseball's color barrier.
Paul Putz

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