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Monday, July 24, 2017

Don't believe in God? Maybe you'll try U.F.O.s

Houses of worship do some soul searching as their neighborhoods change
Religion News Service: Places of worship are not immune to the changes in their communities.

The commodification of Orthodox Judaism
The Atlantic: What's gained and what's lost when religion becomes an individualist -- or even consumerist -- endeavor?

Don't believe in God? Maybe you'll try U.F.O.s
The New York Times: Are Americans becoming less religious? It depends on what you mean by "religious."

Conservatives speak louder in secular France than in pious Germany
The Economist: Reactions to gay marriage in France and Germany.

Can anything burst Pope's media bubble? Nah, probably not
Crux: The positive narrative surrounding Francis has become so entrenched as to be basically impervious to reconsideration.

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