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Friday, July 21, 2017

Conservative evangelicals have 'unprecedented' access to the president

Rev. Barber: An open letter to clergy who prayed with Donald Trump
ThinkProgress: The Scripture cautions us to lay hands on no man suddenly, lest we become a party to his sins.
The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer: Conservative clergy attack Barber for saying prayers for Trump 'border on heresy'  
Fuller Theological Seminary closing campuses after decline in admissions
Christian Today: The influential US evangelical institution has suffered a significant decline in admissions to its regional campuses, forcing it to close several of its locations and 'retool for a different world'.

A prayer for the real victims
Slate: For Jeff Sessions and the Supreme Court, the battle for Christians' religious liberty is one of the only fights that matters, says Dahlia Lithwick.

Conservative evangelicals revel in their 'unprecedented' access to the president
Religion News Service: While religious conservatives are getting such intimate contact with the chief executive that they can literally "lay hands" on him, other faith leaders are being kept at arm's length.

Party members told to give up religion for Party unity or face punishment
Global Times (China): The head of China's top religious affairs regulator said that Party members should not seek value and faith in religion, and that those who have religious beliefs should be persuaded to give them up, with experts saying this is meant to maintain Party unity.

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