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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Reaching the Next Generation

Our Spiritual Gifts Have an Expiration Date
Let's rejoice in them — while looking forward to a time when they're no longer needed.
Spiritual gifts can cause confusion. As a pastor in a charismatic church, I encounter it all the time. Some are worried whenever they hear talk of the gifts of the Holy Spirit — languages, prophecy, healing, miracles, and so forth — and others are worried whenever they hear talk of anything else. The second group risks turning a good thing into an ultimate thing; the first risks dismissing a good thing because it might frighten the horses.continue reading >>

Supreme Court Saves Christian Hospitals from Crushing Pension Payments
Unanimous victory for religiously affiliated health care groups will affect 100 lawsuits.
CT Pastors
3 Ways to Make Your Church a Healthier Place to Work
Is your staff experiencing a spiritual crisis right under your nose?
The Man Who Saved the World by Thinking Small: A D-Day Tribute
On D-Day, small and large worked together. Each did the task they were best suited for. Together they won the day.
The Exchange
Reaching the Next Generation
This is a generation starving for community.

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