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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Monk Habits for Protestants: Spiritual Disciplines

Monk Habits for Protestants: Spiritual Disciplines
Starts Tuesday, June 20, 9:30am, West Room
Continues each Tuesday for 8 weeks

We would like to introduce you to Rachel Breyer.  
She is a seminary intern from Columbia Theological Seminary who will be serving with Pastor Jerry this summer at FPC.
Do you ever wonder what it is that monks do? Have you ever considered trying out a spiritual practice that you are not familiar with? Have you ever wondered what stability and poverty, listening and humility, and balance and hospitality have to do with your faith? Join me for an 8-week journey through various monastic spiritual disciplines. This study will focus of Dr. Dennis Okholm's Monk Habits for Everyday People alongside Henri Nouwen's The Genesee Diary. We will learn about various spiritual practices and Monastic church history as we share fellowship with one another. So come, bring your thirst for knowledge and curiosity about tradition and we will explore what it means to be Protestants with Monastic practices!

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