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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Missiongathering North Park Has A New Lead Pastor

Dear Missiongathering Community,
It's been 11 YEARS since we started this amazing life-changing Movement of Grace in urban San Diego! WE have seen countless of lives transformed by our message of grace and love for ALL. As a community of faith, we have literally and symbolically stood in the face of the giants of discrimination, fear, narrow-mindedness and downright insalubrious theology! We have been the hands in the feet of the ONE that you and I follow… Jesus.
As with the saints that have gone before us, we have had many challenges and even in times of improbability, but WE have been faithful to the vision in which God has called us to, and because of that, not only our lives have been forever changed, but also now this movement of grace is changing lives in Charlotte NC and soon in Seattle Washington!

With all that said, we all know that the Jerusalem Church of the Missiongathering Movement (MG SD) has been without a shepherd/Lead Pastor for some time now. We have had such an amazing Transitional Leadership Team that has been "shepherding" and leading our beloved church with such steadfastness and vision… and for that, we are extremely thankful for their sacrifices they have made during this time of transition!
During this time of modification, the Board of Elders and myself have been diligently working in finding our new Lead Pastor for MG SD. The process was extremely thorough, as we were committed in being led by the Spirit of God to the right individual to take the helm of MG San Diego… In other words, it was not an easy task for the leaders of our church. But as we all know, God is always faithful!
After much work and with God's faithfulness, last Sunday, I had the privilege and honor to share the exciting news that God as lead us to the right individual to be Missiongathering San Diego's Lead Pastor… Brandan Robertson!
Brandan Robertson comes to us with such incredible eagerness and excitement in being your next pastor!
Brandan is a graduate Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and double major in Biblical Studies, which includes a minor in Biblical Theology. And has just recently graduated from Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO with a Masters of Theological Studies, focusing on sexuality and spiritual evolution. He is author of the book NOMAD, spirituality for traveling light. Brandon has traveled the world in proclaiming the message of Christ and now we are so blessed to have him as Missiongathering’s next Lead Pastor! Brandon's first Sunday on the job will be July 16, which is also our PRIDE Sunday.
Join me Sunday, July 16, as we welcome Brandan Robertson to our amazing community of faith!

Grace + Peace + Justice
Rev. Rich McCullen
Lead Visionary Missiongathering Movement

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