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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How one pastor is bridging the partisan divide

How one pastor is bridging the partisan divide
The Atlantic: Adam Hamilton takes on controversial social issues from the pulpit, challenging his politically divided congregation to find common ground.

It's time to worry about leftist fundamentalism, too
Religion News Service: There is plenty wrong on the right. But there is plenty wrong on the left, too. Each side needs to get its act together, David Gushee says.

Methodist Church may get bishops for the first time in UK in mutual recognition pact with Anglicans
Christian Today: Methodists and Anglicans in the UK are beginning talks towards historic proposals that could recognize the ministers, priests and bishops of both churches for the first time since they split in the late 18th century.

Snacks and selfies in the 'Holy Land'
BBC: In the center of Buenos Aires, there is a theme park named Tierra Santa (Holy Land) that claims to be the first religious theme park in the world.

A major church-state ruling that shouldn't have happened
The Atlantic: In Trinity v. Comer, there was no remaining dispute between the actual parties --and both the majority opinion and the leading dissent got the issue wrong.

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