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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trump's Religious Liberty Order

Trump's Religious Liberty Order Doesn't Answer Most Evangelicals' Prayers
Prayer breakfast pledge to 'totally destroy' Johnson Amendment comes up shy; conscience exemptions from LGBT anti-discrimination rules missing.
In his biggest religious liberty push since taking office, President Donald Trump officially laid out in an executive order some of the protections he has promised faithful supporters for months. The move came on the same day that evangelical leaders gathered in Washington for the annual National Day of Prayer. One problem: This is not the executive order many evangelicals had been praying for. continue reading >>

In the Gorgeous 'Your Name,' Love Is a Liturgy
Makoto Shinkai's body-swap anime shows how habit and happenstance refine desire.
Quick to Listen
A Brief History of the Christian Blogosphere
Religion reporter Sarah Pulliam Bailey on how blogs and social media have changed the church--and our country.
The Great Female Commission
Mentorship expert Natasha Sistrunk Robinson on how to draw all women into the work of discipleship.
The Calling
For Carl and Karen Ellis, Renewing Your Culture Starts with Knowing Your History
According to both theologians, looking to the past can remind us of God's present faithfulness.

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