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Monday, May 8, 2017

Starving Myself Meant Losing Myself

Your Smartphone Is Neither a Cancer nor a Cure-All
A balanced, biblical take on the devices we can't seem to live without.
Jeff Haanen
I remember the day I got my first smartphone. Upgrading from a "dumb phone," I was dazzled. Crisp and clear pictures. Email and calendar in one place. Ready access to Twitter, Facebook, and any search engine I wanted. In the words of the AT&T ad, I could now "move at the speed of instantly." But as the months went on, I realized my smartphone was not a neutral tool that would leave my life unaffected. My days started to change—sometimes drastically continue reading >>

Starving Myself Meant Losing Myself
For years, I looked at myself in mirrors only to see mirages.
7 Steps To Help Your Good, But Slightly Off-Center Message Break Through The Noise
When your message is off-center, the quality matters even more.

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