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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Sacred art is always traditional"

Six things people get wrong about the Resurrection | Carl E. Olson | Put simply, the Resurrection of the Christ is an event that divides. It is also a belief that challenges, confuses and confounds.

Benedict XVI at 90: A rare glimpse into his joy-filled life | Catholic News Agency | An interview with Archbishop Gänswein, who has been Benedict's personal secretary since 2003.

Cardinal Sarah's Address on the 10th Anniversary of "Summorum Pontificum" | Cardinal Robert Sarah | Message sent by the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to the Colloquium “The Source of the Future”

The Raqqa Diaries is a unique, harrowing account of life under ISIS in Syria | Fiorella Nash | Samer’s story drags the reader into the heart of an otherwise distant conflict, forcing us to walk those streets, witness those atrocities, feel that fear.

"Sacred art is always traditional": An interview with Daniel Mitsui | Carl E. Olson | "We are living in a time comparable to the iconoclastic crises of the seventh and eighth centuries," says the talented artist from Chicago.

How to Respond to Relativism with Logic and Love | Paul Senz | An interview with Dr. Edward Sri, professor of Theology and Scripture at the Augustine Institute and author of Who Am I to Judge?

Fighting the Porn Myth with Science | Catholic News Agency | Even though he’s Catholic, Matt Fradd’s new anti-porn book, “The Porn Myth,” won’t quote the saints or the Bible or recommend a regimen of rosaries. Here's why.

“The Devil wins if we don’t show up for the debate”: Fr. Spitzer on reclaiming the transcendentals | Connor Malloy | Philosophy professor and Jesuit Fr. Robert Spitzer discusses rekindling a love for truth, goodness, and beauty among young people—before it is “drummed out of them by materialists and physicalists.”

Fighting the Ideologies of Contraception, Divorce, and Gender | Jim Graves | "So much of society suppresses the harm that the Sexual Revolution has had on individuals, covering it up with what I call 'happy talk,'" says Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute.

Diversity Is Not a Cult—But What is It? | Anthony Esolen | Chesterton had it right: the man who ceases to believe in God does not then believe in nothing. He will believe in anything, and shower upon that object the devotion that is due only to the divine.

As Europe Declines, the Church Dithers | Dr. Samuel Gregg | Six decades after the Treaty of Rome, the European Union is in deep trouble. But is the Catholic Church capable of helping Europe change course?

Martin Luther: True Reformer or Defender of Erroneous Conscience? | Dr. R. Jared Staudt | The key issue in debating Luther’s legacy on conscience in the Catholic Church entails whether the teachings of the Church are subordinate to one’s own conscience or whether conscience is bound by the teaching of the Church.

A Week with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal: Part 1—The Men | K.V. Turley | Each of these five friars in London have stories that are similar to the extent that each was in the world earning a living, and, in their quieter moments, had sensed something missing.

A Week with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal: Part 2—The Mission | K.V. Turley | The friars witness to their faith every time they step out of the friary. They walk the city streets as naturally as anyone else. They are as much part of Canning Town as their neighbors.

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