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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Praying with Presidents in a Media Age

The Precarious Task of Praying with Presidents in a Media Age
With the whole world watching, spiritual advisers face new challenges.
President Harry Truman was furious. Billy Graham had revealed the content of their private conversation to the media, going so far as to perform a "reenactment" of their prayer time on the White House lawn at the media's request. It was the first time Truman had invited Graham to the White House, and it would be the last. continue reading >>

How to Counter the Economic Argument for Abortion
To provide a persuasive alternative, the church must offer holistic, long-term support.
Take Hope in That High Pollen Count
How allergy season reminds us that little things can have a big impact.
The Exchange
Go Big or Go Home: Reimagining Rural Church Planting
If millions of Americans still lived in rural areas, surely God cared about them too.

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