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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pope Francis, President Trump meet at Vatican

Sulpicians say goodbye to St. Patrick’s Seminary: The Sulpicians informed Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on Oct. 21, 2016 that they would be leaving St. Patrick’s, more than 500 attend farewell celebration

Pope Francis, President Trump meet at Vatican: Private discussion between the two lasted about 30 minutes

Orange Catholic Foundation conference on business and ethics a huge success: Record-breaking attendance nets more than $500,000 in financial assistance for students attending Catholic schools in Diocese of Orange

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Noi Talever said...

The iron and clay. Nebs statue. Last Kingdom. Rome mixed with Potter's Clay (Christians). 1000 Mil . 70 AD to 1070 AD Christians prevented Jews from practicing there religion (Rev3 Jews worshiping Satan). Jews from Rouen, in Normandy, settle in England at the invitation of the King in 1070! Start practicing their religion (satan worship). Also were allowed to start the "banking" system of loaning with interest. Before this the Christians gave Jews a decision to convert or banishment. It is all there as written in prophecy. Israel founded in 1948 and 70 years 2018. A Jubilee one season, season of satan. Real soon brother no more pain and no more tears can't wait. Daniel 9 490 year prophecy first leg 457 - 434 is 23BC the year Herod killed Mary's great grandfather the high priest Yeshua. 49 leg is 26 AD etc... I see the prophecies happening. Garden of Eden is soul, tree of knowledge is mind, tree of life is spirit / the spiritual is in the soul / gods are men of renown not homo-sapiens but neanderthal or other primitive human species / you will be like us (neanderthal) which was lesser, Jesus said Christians are gods and divine gods / gods is from the line of Nebuchadnezzar and kept through Rome with each generation degrading (metal analogy), all Caesars were considered gods , Catholic church mixed this "gods" religion with Christianity, same rituals, same celebrations, similar doctrine, god statues also represent saints, so i ask you after all this what father would name his son Francis?