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Thursday, May 11, 2017

I'm a pastor with depression

Blueprint for Church schism revealed as conservative Christian leaders plot separate Anglican structure
Christian Today: A blueprint for schism reveals extensive plans by conservative evangelicals to form a rival Anglican structure to the Church of England in the UK.
The (London) Guardian: This latest Church of England schism has an unexpected source

I'm a pastor with depression. For years I thought I had to hide it.
Sojourners: There was no way Jason Chesnut could tell anyone about his diagnosis. "I'm a pastor, for God's sakes, a leader in the Christian church."

Why is pop culture so obsessed with nuns all of a sudden?
Slate: Not since the era of Fräulein Maria and the von Trapps have we seen a pop-culture Nunnaissance like the one taking place right now.

Pew: Here's how badly Soviet atheism failed in Europe
Christianity Today: In 18 nations across Central and Eastern Europe, religion is now essential to national identity.

Sioux tribe receives land from South Dakota Jesuits
Religion News Service: The Jesuit-run St. Francis Mission in south-central South Dakota, will return about 500 acres to the Rosebud Sioux tribe.

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