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Friday, May 5, 2017

Church organist arrested in post-election vandalism

Trump's religious liberty order slammed as 'pretty much nothing'
Religion News Service: Social conservatives who had been expecting much more, and much sooner, expressed sharp disappointment, and the order itself seems unlikely to have much real impact on current laws and regulations
New York Times: Clergy members aren't being persecuted for their politics

Growing Coptic Christian churches find a home in Minnesota
Star Tribune: Safe from violent persecution, Coptic Christians from Egypt and elsewhere worship and build community among their burgeoning ranks in the Twin Cities.

Science Mike building a 'Christian science' liturgy for the nones
Religion Dispatches: Mike McHargue, better known as Science Mike, hosts two popular podcasts and his new memoir, "Finding God in the Waves," outlines how he went from devout Christianity to atheism to something you might describe as scientific faith.

How to react to biased comments at work
HBR: Clearly, organizational cultures need to change. But in the meantime, what's an individual to do who suffers daily from subtle inequities?

Church organist arrested in post-election vandalism at Episcopal congregation in Indiana
Episcopal News Service: An organist has been arrested in the post-election vandalism at an Episcopal church in Indiana. Prosecutors say the church employee spray-painted the words "Heil Trump" in attempt to mobilize others disappointed with the election results.

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