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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A religious revolution is taking place in Ireland

Manchester: What kind of person does this?
Religion News Service: Whoever he was, the Manchester terrorist decided that the culminating act of his life should be the murder of children at a rock concert, David Gushee says.

A religious revolution is taking place in Ireland
The Irish Times: Ireland's growing secularization provides an environment where newer churches can thrive.

What does repentance look like for the white church?: A conversation with Lisa Sharon Harper
Religion Dispatches: Sojourners' chief church engagement officer discusses how evangelicals of color operate within white spaces and how, or if, evangelicalism can be redeemed.

Rowan Williams: Britons are peering into the abyss after Brexit vote
The (London) Guardian: Former archbishop of Canterbury warns of dangers of disillusion with political process and of "messianic leadership."

Texas lawmakers revive 'bathroom bill,' OK religious refusal of adoptions
NPR: Texas legislators advanced a version of the divisive "bathroom bill" regulating transgender students' restroom access and passed a law that would allow publicly funded adoption agencies to refuse to work with would-be parents based on religious objections.

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