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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

When conservatives oppose 'religious freedom'

How Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church against anti-migrant populism
The Washington Post: As politicians around the world including President Trump take an increasingly hard line on immigration, a powerful force is rallying to the side of migrants: the Roman Catholic Church led by Pope Francis.

When conservatives oppose 'religious freedom'
The Atlantic: Christian conservatives who defend the rights of Muslims have come under attack by their ideological brethren.

To interest low-caste Indians in Christianity, evangelicals add Hindu traditions
PRI: In a humble concrete and sheet-metal church in Banaras, India, the regular vocabulary of praise for Christ is tailored to this Hindu-Indian congregation.

Pope opens free launderette for Rome's homeless people
The (London) Guardian: Pope Francis Laundry -- which provides detergent, irons and tumble dryers -- is latest papal initiative to help city's poor.

Hearing on a bishop's efforts to sell Newport church offers a rare look at Episcopal justice system
The Los Angeles Times: Episcopal leaders convened in Pasadena for a disciplinary hearing looking into the actions of J. Jon Bruno, bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles.

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