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Friday, April 21, 2017

What Can the Church Learn from the Bill O'Reilly Debacle?

Evangelism Is Alive in Portland
How pastors, evangelists, and residents are sharing the Good News among the city's 'nones' and Muslim refugees.
Portland continues to provide a glimpse into the future of American ministry. More than a third of its residents are religiously unaffiliated, with minority faiths growing quickly. Journalist Melissa Binder recently spoke with James Gleason, pastor of Sonrise Church; John Baskaron, pastor of Arabic Christian Church; D. L. Mayfield, author of Assimilate or Go Home on a panel at the Christ & Cascadia conference, an annual gathering of Christian scholars, ministers, and culture leaders around the Pacific Northwest. continue reading >>

Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses as Extremists
High court ruling puts pacifist faith in same category as terrorists.
Kate Shellnutt
The March for Science Is Willing to Get Political. But Will It Welcome Religion?
How evangelical scientists square their place in the global movement.
Rebecca Randall
Editor's Note
Our May Issue: Social Science and Spiritual Formation
Can research about the fruit of the spirit make you a better Christian?
Ted Olsen
Quick to Listen
Why Orthodoxy Appeals to Hank Hanegraaff and Other Evangelicals
An Orthodox scholar offers his insights on a Christian tradition without the theology of Aquinas and Augustine.
Blasphemy Blocks Re-Election of Indonesia's Only Christian Governor
But after losing Jakarta race, Ahok finds some favor in court.
Kate Shellnutt
How Brainy Women Benefit the Church
A recent study suggests that intelligence is often associated with masculinity, not femininity.
Hannah Anderson
'The Lost City of Z' Points to the City That Is to Come
The thrilling story of British explorer Percy Fawcett dramatizes our search for a transcendent home.
Brett McCracken
Book Review
The Most Dangerous Thing About Being a Missionary in a Hostile Country
It all depends on how you understand 'safety.'
Rachel Pieh Jones
The Exchange
What Can the Church Learn about Sexual Harassment, Accusations, & Transparency from the Bill O'Reilly Debacle?
Powerful men, with organizations tending to cover things up, are a recipe for disaster.
Ed Stetzer
5 Mistakes More Likely To Be Made By Big Churches Than Small Churches
Consider this a friendly view from the outside looking in.
Karl Vaters

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