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Thursday, April 6, 2017

The world's first Christian country?

Lessons on evangelization from the largest parish in the United States
America: St. Matthew Catholic Church in Charlotte, N.C., serves more than 10,000 households, which means that everything about parish administration has to be larger than usual.

Islam set to become world's largest religion by 2075, study suggests
The (London) Guardian: The number of babies born to Muslims is expected to overtake those born to Christians within two decades, making Islam the world's largest religion by 2075, according to new analysis of data by the Pew Research Center.
Pew Forum: The changing global religious landscape

Bright lights, big Bible: a liberal, literary evangelical keeps the faith
Religion Dispatches: In a new memoir Macy Halford considers the impact that Oswald Chambers' book has had on her, and her experience in the disparate worlds of The New Yorker magazine and her Southern Baptist background and belief.

Government: Does size matter?
The question isn't big or small government, Richard Mouw says, but what are governments for? What is their basic role in collective human life?

The world's first Christian country?
BBC: This European country made Christianity its official religion in 301 AD, and this history can still be seen today.

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