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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Best Way To Avoid Pastor Burnout? Equip The Saints

An Insufficient Resistance
The desire for social change is noble — if tempered by the gospel.
K. A. Ellis
Revelation is a stronger force than revolution. By revelation, I mean the wisdom and knowledge revealed to us by our infinite and personal Creator, essential for navigating both the earthly and unseen realms. By revolution, I mean the overthrow of an existing order in favor of a new order. Revolution is in the air around the globe. Recent studies report class struggles are driving millennials, who are rightfully concerned about their future. They challenge power abuses and seek political and economic alternatives to democratic capitalism. continue reading >>

Adultery in 2017: Christians Rank What Counts as Cheating
Survey finds evangelicals are more accepting of politicians' unfaithfulness, but disprove of flirty texting.
Quick to Listen
LIVE: How Should White Evangelicals Respond to President Trump?
Three Christian leaders reflect on their movement and the administration nearly 100 days into the new presidency.
Jesus Died to Redeem Our Sleep
How our sinful struggle with sleep became a righteous rest.
'Bible Answer Man' Converts to Orthodoxy
CRI's Hank Hanegraaff joined the Greek Orthodox Church on Palm Sunday.
Gordon College's Entire Faculty Senate Resigns
Professors challenge administration's promotion process.
The Best Way To Avoid Pastor Burnout? Equip The Saints
Neither information or inspiration is enough. Pastors need to help congregations turn it into perspiration.

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