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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Medjugorje apparition’s authenticity remains to be seen

Bishops of Paraguay call for peace after riots, fire at Congress building

The Bishops of Paraguay made an urgent appeal for peace after hundreds of demonstrators set fire to the National Congress building in Asuncion on the night of March 31.

Maryland bishops join fight against human trafficking

Maryland's bishops united in voicing their concerns over the evils of human trafficking, announcing their sponsorship of a statewide initiative aimed at raising awareness of the issue.  

Chemical attack in Syria 'shocks the soul,' says top US bishop

By Matt Hadro
Religious and political leaders have renewed calls for peace as they decried dozens of reported civilian deaths by poison gas this week in the Syrian conflict.

Pope Francis challenges young people in April prayer video

By Hannah Brockhaus
Young people are the subject of Pope Francis’ universal prayer intention for April, and in his prayer video presenting the petition, the pontiff challenges them to “be the protagonists of change.”

Papal envoy sees great fruits, but also challenges in Medjugorje

By Kevin Jones
Pope Francis’ envoy to Medjugorje said Wednesday that the site seems to be bearing numerous expressions of faith and vocations. However, he added, the final determination of the apparition’s authenticity remains to be seen.

Dialogue is essential, Pope Francis tells British Muslim leaders

By Hannah Brockhaus
Pope Francis met Wednesday with a delegation of Muslim leaders from Great Britain along with Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster to promote dialogue and collaboration following the deadly attack in London last month.

Venezuela cardinal says supreme court revisions don't go far enough

Shortly after Venezuela's supreme court revised its decision effectively stripping the legislature of its powers this weekend, one of the country's cardinals responded by calling the reversal a mere “cosmetic retouching.”

Pope Francis condemns deadly attacks in Syria, Russia

By Hannah Brockhaus
On Wednesday, Pope Francis expressed his horror at a chemical weapon attack in the province of Idlib, Syria the previous day, also expressing his sorrow for the victims of an attack April 3 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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