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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Making faith-based institutions inclusive

Chicago Cardinal Cupich unveils church-led anti-violence initiative
Religion News Service: With the blessing of Pope Francis, Cardinal Blase Cupich unveiled an anti-violence initiative for Chicago that will be underscored by a Good Friday procession using the stations of the cross to commemorate those who have been murdered.

Making faith-based institutions inclusive
Inside Higher Ed: Michael A. Helfand, an Orthodox Jew, describes how his experience at a Christian university has given him a window into how faith-based institutions successfully promote religious diversity.

Arkansas is set to start executing eight people the day after Easter
The Washington Post: Shane Claiborne on Arkansas' plans for eight executions in 10 days, beginning the day after Easter.

How Christianity shaped the experience and memories of World War I
The Conversation: Writings at the time of WWI aimed to construct a religiously diverse and conflicted America into a virtuous, Christian nation. This narrative continued in the cemeteries for the war heroes.

Manchester 'crucifixion' fundraiser cancelled as clergy calls it blasphemous
The (London) Guardian: Offer of "full crucifixion experience for £750" to raise money for passion play draws condemnation from Church of England.

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