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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Global Catholic population tops 1.28 billion

by Melanie Lidman
From Global Sisters Report: Like nuns everywhere, the Benebikira Sisters, the oldest indigenous congregation in Rwanda, have sisters who are teachers, nurses, pharmacists, formators and administrators.

But they also have religious with a unique title: Sister Listeners. They offer informal counseling to both victims and perpetrators of the violence during the Rwanda genocide, seeking to forge a bridge of understanding.
by NCR Staff
NCR in Conversation: In this episode, host Brittany Wilmes chats in studio with Sr. Michele Morek about symbols of peace in Kansas City and at the United Nations in New York. Later in the episode, Brittany interviews peace activist Jack Gilroy and conscientious objector Logan Isaac.
by Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service
Taken together, the 10 countries with the most Catholics account for almost 56 percent of the world's Catholic population, the Vatican reported.

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