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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

'Freedom from Mental Illness Means More than Being "Cured"'

Spirited Life
The Strange Encouragement of the Church's Appalling History
The lives of our greatest heroes often undermined the gospel they so eloquently preached.
Andrew Wilson
In the last year, the greatest challenge to my faith has been reading about the church's history . In many ways, the story of Christianity is full of light — mission, education, art, healthcare, abolition, compassion, justice — and I have read, taught, and loved that story for many years. But there is an undeniable dark side: attacking, burning, crusading, drowning, enslaving, flogging, ghettoizing, hunting, imprisoning, Jew-hating, killing, lynching, and so on through the entire alphabet. What makes this difficult to stomach is that the people involved, as far as we know, have loved God, followed Jesus, and received his Spirit. continue reading >>

ISIS Attacks Major Christian Monastery in Egypt
Security stops Sinai assault on St. Catherine and its biblical library, but symbolism matters more.
The Calling
Rebekah Lyons: 'Freedom from Mental Illness Means More than Being "Cured"'
For the 'You Are Free' author, being blindsided by panic disorder revealed a deeper need for a rescuing Savior.
Neil Gorsuch's First Religious Liberty Case Is a Playground Fight
Evangelicals eye how new Supreme Court justice will impact this term's only remaining church-state case.
When 'You're Pregnant' Feels Like Bad News
How can the church help those who are grieving motherhood?
Baptist Baylor Picks First Female President
Business dean Linda Livingstone takes over in wake of the Texas university's rape scandal.
The Exchange
Rural Matters: Part of God's Plan to Transform Our Communities and Our World
Rural North America needs Jesus.
5 Mistakes More Likely To Be Made By Small Churches Than Big Churches
Different sizes of churches serve different functions. And they face different challenges.

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