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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Following Jesus: The Master of the Question

Jesus Didn't Eat a Seder Meal
Why Christians shouldn't either.
Yehiel Poupko and David Sandmel
Passover has a special allure for Christians. It is on the night of Passover, as all Israel is offering the pascal Lamb and eating matza (unleavened bread) and bitter herbs on the slopes of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that Jesus of Nazareth meets with his 12 disciples for the Last Supper. This may be the best-known Passover meal. continue reading >>

The Calling
Lee Strobel's Hope for Apologetics in a 'Post-Truth' Culture
As 'The Case for Christ' heads to the big screen, the journalist-turned-evangelist reflects on what's changed—and what's stayed the same—about defending the faith.
'S-Town' Explores the Maze of the Divine Clockmaker's Mind
In the new hit podcast from the producers of 'Serial,' the shattered Imago Dei takes center stage.
The Exchange
Following Jesus: The Master of the Question
Q Place founder encourages believers to ask more questions.

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