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Monday, April 24, 2017

Christians are the most widely targeted religious group in the world

Christians are the most widely targeted religious group in the world

By Matt Hadro
When it comes to religious persecution, Christians are the most widely targeted community, said a new report released this week.

Mercy is key to the life of faith, Pope Francis says

by Elise Harris
On Divine Mercy Sunday Pope Francis said mercy is essential in living the Christian life, because it not only allows us to understand ourselves and God better, but it also prompts us to recognize and help those in need.

This film shows how mercy can transform your life

Personal stories about God’s mercy at work in the world today are the focus of a recent Catholic-produced documentary on Divine Mercy.

Virginia bishops welcome commutation of prisoner's death sentence

The Catholic bishops of Virginia welcomed a decision by the governor to commute a prisoner’s death sentence on the grounds that false information was presented during his sentencing.

Who conquers the devil's hatred? God's new martyrs, Pope says

By Elise Harris
The devil’s hatred for Christ and for our redemption is the root cause of all persecution since the beginnings of the Church, Pope Francis said at a special liturgy that focused on modern martyrs.

Feminists and pro-lifers can join forces – and why they should

By Adelaide Mena
On a Monday evening in Washington, D.C., well over a hundred women – and a few men too – gathered together to take up some of the most intense questions from earlier in 2017: Can feminists be pro-life? Can pro-life activists be feminists?

Why Russia's new ban on Jehovah's Witnesses is so troubling

By Kevin J. Jones
The Jehovah's Witnesses have been banned as an extremist group in a Thursday Supreme Court decision that observers feared signaled a further step back for religious liberty.

Catholic leaders urge extreme caution for new Netflix series

By Mary Rezac
It’s only been out for a few weeks, but that’s enough time for “13 Reasons Why” to have become the latest teenage Netflix binge craze.

India bishops slam 'brutal' disruption of Good Friday service

By Hannah Brockhaus
India's Catholic bishops have strongly condemned a violent police disruption of a Good Friday service at a small parish in the south of the country.

In Missouri, a court decision means lower health standards for abortion clinics

Stronger medical standards for abortion clinics were thrown out in Missouri by a federal judge who cited a Supreme Court decision on a similar law in Texas.

Cardinal Cupich praises governor's pledge to veto abortion funding

A promise from the governor of Illinois to veto an abortion funding bill drew the gratitude of Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago, who called it a “principled stand.”

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