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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When the Irish were the immigrants Americans detested

Supreme Court justices in the pews and on the bench -- and where Neil Gorsuch fits in
The Conversation: Judge Gorsuch was raised Catholic and later became an Episcopalian. An expert on Church-State issues says don't read too much into religion as an indicator of judicial philosophy.

When the Irish were the immigrants Americans detested
Baptist News Global: Saint Patrick's Day was another reminder that Christians in America have to decide at some point whether or not the teachings of scripture will have an authoritative place in our lives, says the Rev. Amy Butler.

American Muslims are young, politically liberal, and scared
The Atlantic: Rare survey data suggests the community's emerging political identity is being shaped by Millennials.

Amazing disgrace
The New Republic: How did Donald Trump -- a thrice-married, biblically illiterate sexual predator -- hijack the religious right?

What the booming growth of the "Cowboy Church" can teach startups
Quartz: Not everyone who attends a cowboy church has to be a real cowboy. That's why the AFCC's "Bull's Eye approach" comes into play.

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