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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The intersection of food, drink, and gospel.

Church of the Resurrection completes massive new sanctuary
Kansas City Business Journal: Just in time for Easter, Church of the Resurrection is ready to unveil the new addition to its 76-acre Leawood campus. Take a sneak peek at the completed campus.

LA church cafes provide a fresh blend of Jesus, community, and coffee
Los Angeles Eater: The intersection of food, drink, and gospel.

Clergy who don't believe in organized religion? Humanists think 2017 is their time to grow.
The Washington Post: These clergy without a God say that their movement is poised to grow dramatically as more young adults report a lack of religious belief yet yearn for community and mission.

Is Trump's Supreme Court nominee an abortion foe's dream -- or nightmare?
Religion News Service: After last week's hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, some religious conservatives are voicing concern that Gorsuch might not be such a reliable anti-Roe vote after all.

'In God We Trust' license plates hit Tennessee pothole
Religion News Service: A bill that would make "In God We Trust" -- the national motto -- mandatory on Tennessee license plates has gone off-road.

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