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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Church is the 'only functioning institution' in South Sudan

New South Dakota law could protect religious adoption agencies

While religious adoption agencies have been shut down in various parts of the United States after facing pressure to place children with same-sex couples, they now have a few more legal protections in South Dakota because of a new law.

The Church is the 'only functioning institution' in South Sudan

By Matt Hadro
Amid war and famine in South Sudan, the Catholic Church is still serving the most vulnerable even as the government has collapsed.

Despite warnings, assisted suicide bill advances in Hawaii

Although critics said an assisted suicide bill would put vulnerable people at risk and change the nature of medicine, the Hawaii Senate has given it strong support.

Fr. Stanley Rother, first US-born martyr, to be beatified in September

Father Stanley Rother, the Oklahoma-born martyr who served as a priest in Guatemala, will be beatified in Oklahoma City on Sept. 23, 2017.

US congratulates Pope Francis on his 4th anniversary

On Monday, the anniversary of Pope Francis being elevated to the papacy, the United States offered its congratulations and wishes for collaboration in the future.

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