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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Standing with the vulnerable

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on clearing scriptural minefields and building interfaith friendships
Religion News Service: An interview with Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, who made a name for himself as chief rabbi of Great Britain for nearly a quarter-century.

How could Christians support Trump's lies? It depends on what you mean by 'truth.'
The Washington Post: Western culture has not provided us with a good framework for understanding the nuanced nature of truth.

Standing with the vulnerable
Inside Higher Ed: A new letter in support of marginalized students is unusual in that it's from a subset of academics not always visible in debates about academe: professors at faith-based institutions.

The church's seminary problem
Commonweal: It is such a serious problem that not even Pope Francis dares to speak about it. It's the outdated model of Catholic priesthood and how candidates for the ordained ministry are selected and prepared for service.

The problem with modern philanthropy
The Atlantic: A new book argues that the giving patterns of today's wealthy may present challenges to the democratic process.

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