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Friday, March 10, 2017

reaching the religiously unaffiliated

The new alarmism: How some Christians are stoking fear rather than hope
The Washington Post: James K.A. Smith asks, when did Christians start stealing scripts from home security commercials?

An evangelical pastor on reaching the religiously unaffiliated
Huffington Post: Rev. Timothy Keller spent nearly 30 years reaching out to skeptics in New York City. Here's what he's learned.

White evangelicals believe they face more discrimination than Muslims
The Atlantic: A new study suggests different groups of Americans see their country in radically divergent ways.

Trump turns apolitical Mennonites into protesters
McClatchy Newspapers: Trump's presidency, especially his temporary ban on immigration from some Middle Eastern countries, has turned many members of this Christian community into activists.

Too public baptism: Ex-Muslim loses lawsuit against church
Christianity Today: Oklahoma Supreme Court rules against convert tortured in Syria after Tulsa church publicized his conversion online.

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