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Friday, March 24, 2017

Prayer is not wishful nonsense

Prayer is not wishful nonsense. It helps us to shut up and think
The (London) Guardian: After the Westminster terror attack, Giles Fraser asks, has modern media killed off the quiet dignity of grief?

Pity Russell Moore
Religion News Service: The prophets of old were in the business not of unity but of criticizing the religious leaders of their day. If you're a denomination's paid prophet, however, you prophesy against them at your peril, Mark Silk says.

A Jew made the JCC bomb threats? This is what heartbreak feels like
Forward: From an emotional perspective, Hinda Mandell feels like she's just been sucker punched.

Artists are using a revolutionary process to construct the world's largest stained glass window
Quartz: Using a novel process called fused glass, Judson Studios is creating the world's largest single-image stained glass window for the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.

Trump's new drone strike policy might violate centuries of Christian ethics
The Washington Post: Augustine and Aquinas laid out principles for justice before war and during it. Trump's plans might go against both.

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