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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

God Never Wastes What We Go Through

Gene Yang: A Graphic Novelist Caught Between Two Worlds
The graphic novelist and MacArthur Grant recipient sees his life as an outsider as a blessing.
Dorcus Cheng-Tozun
One morning this past September, Gene Luen Yang was backing out of his driveway in San Jose, California, to go to his writing studio — a nearby Panera Bread — when he got a call. Someone from the MacArthur Foundation was on the other end, informing him that he was among 23 winners of the $625,000 MacArthur Fellowship. Also known as "genius grants" (a term the foundation dislikes), the annual award recognizes innovative, creative leaders in any industry who are American citizens or residents. continue reading >>

Trump's Policies Are Keeping Hispanics Away from Church
Pew finds fear even among 7 in 10 Christian green card holders.
Kate Shellnutt
Breast Cancer Marred My Picture-Perfect Marriage
How we found God's mercy as we faced deep division we'd never experienced before.
Kim Harms
The Exchange
Shut Up and Dance! The Intersection of Freedom, Art, and Gospel Expression
Artist and evangelist believes all art carries a message.
Ben Pierce
CT Pastors
Kyle Idleman: God Never Wastes What We Go Through
Helping people experience grace and embracing confession in pastoral ministry.
Interview by Kyle Rohane and Andrew Finch
The Exchange
Church-Planting Shifts, Part Two: From Nominal to Secular
Secularism is replacing nominalism as the religion of the people.
Ed Stetzer

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