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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

EU ruling against workplace hijab draws religious freedom criticism

EU ruling against workplace hijab draws religious freedom criticism

Responding to the case of a receptionist fired for wearing a hijab to work, the Court of Justice of the European Union has allowed a qualified ban on religious headscarves in the workplace.

New Mexico bishops admonish pro-choice Catholic legislators

New Mexico Bishops released a statement last week discouraging public advocacy from Catholic legislators for abortions and assisted suicide on behalf of their Catholic faith.

Porn leaves men dissatisfied with real relationships, study finds

By Mary Rezac
A recent analysis of 50 studies found that pornography was negatively associated with sexual and relational satisfaction among men.

How Pope Francis' sincere humanity has shaped his pontificate

By Hannah Brockhaus
Rather than a weakness, Pope Francis' humanity – and his acknowledgment of it – has been a source of strength and impact during the four years of his pontificate, said Vatican's press office director.

Conversion is a journey of action, Pope says

Pope Francis urged Catholics in Tuesday’s homily not only to avoid evil, but to pursue good in concrete actions, likening the Lenten conversion to a journey.

Aquinas College to downsize, shift focus to education

Aquinas College in Nashville announced last week that it will be restructuring to focus primarily on education degrees, and will drop its other majors, as well as residential life.

Is the death penalty a form of psychological torture? This author says yes

By Matt Hadro
Recent “botched executions” resulting in painful deaths for inmates have stirred controversy over the use of the death penalty. But could capital punishment also be rejected on the grounds that it amounts to psychological torture?

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