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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Church-Planting Shifts

When God's Mercy Sounds Like Bad News
The patience of the Lord can be a heavy burden.
Derek Rishmawy
Moses was well-acquainted with the patience of God. He pled for Israel when they betrayed the Lord with the Golden Calf. For years he dealt with the Israelites in the desert, their complaining and recalcitrance. They "vexed the Holy One of Israel," and still God bore it, restraining his wrath and refusing to cut them off. God's patience is a central, defining feature of his character. But this wasn't always a comfort to Moses. Rather than being left to deal with the grumbling and sin of his people, he asks God to kill him outright. continue reading >>

Trump's Revised Refugee Ban Won't Prioritize Persecuted Christians
White House softens executive order; Andy Stanley joins evangelical leaders urging compassion.
Why Rio Was Upset a Pastor Didn't Come to Carnival
Evangelicals have mixed feelings about mayor Marcelo Crivella, the latest symbol of Protestant ascendancy in Catholic Brazil.
Under Discussion
The Benedict Option Isn't an Evangelical Option
Our movement thrives when we build outward, not inward.
The Exchange
Church-Planting Shifts, Part One: The Launch
Consider your people group and the time of year.

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