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Friday, March 3, 2017

Can art save us from fundamentalism?

Welcome refugees, churches say in a public challenge to Trump
The New York Times: The fight against President Trump's executive orders to turn away refugees, deport undocumented immigrants and build a wall along the Mexican border is about to escalate in many American churches.

Cardinal Cupich advises priests on immigration raids
National Catholic Reporter: If immigration authorities without a warrant knock on the door of Chicago churches, rectories or Catholic schools, don't let them in, Cardinal Blase Cupich writes to his priests.

Being quiet is part of being a good CEO
The Atlantic: After interviews with 200 senior business executives, Hal Gregersen of MIT found that one of the virtues of good leadership is listening properly.

Why so many evangelicals support Trump
The Hill: It's not religion, but American civil religion that can help explain Trump's broader-than-expected voter base.

Can art save us from fundamentalism?
Religion Dispatches: In his new book, religious studies scholar Philip S. Francis uses personal stories from young evangelicals to explore how art can dramatically reorient Christian beliefs and practices.

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