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Friday, March 31, 2017

Being the church in the time of Trump

A sanctuary politics: being the church in the time of Trump
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Stanley Hauerwas & Jonathan Tran on how we can prepare for the next four years by understanding how Christian mistakes got us here and how Christians can do better.

Survey: Evangelical leaders really don't want to endorse politicians
Religion News Service: A new survey of evangelical leaders -- mainly pastors whose flocks were crucial to Trump's victory in November -- shows that close to 90 percent of those asked opposed the idea of clergy endorsing politicians from the pulpit.

Selling Judaism, religion not included
Bloomberg Businessweek: A new take on the culture is light on the Bible, heavy on the Bubbies. Think Goop, but Jewish.

Stuffing shoe boxes for the world's poor? Maybe you should reconsider
Baptist News Global: As congregations explore and understand the fundamental flaws in even the most big-hearted giving of time and resources, they increasingly arrive at nuanced questions and conflicts about the nature of mission in the local church.

Vatican and U.S. church leaders urge Trump to reconsider environmental rollback
America: Catholic leaders from the United States and Rome are calling on the Trump administration to reconsider rollbacks of Obama-era environmental protections, warning that time may be running out to protect the planet from damage caused by pollution and carbon emissions.

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