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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Soul of Evangelicalism: What Will Become of Us?

Jesus Creed
The Soul of Evangelicalism: What Will Become of Us?
by Scot McKnight
What does it mean when the evangelical commitment to the foundations of the faith start to crumble? It is a sign of evangelicalism’s demise.

Formerly Fundie
There's Only Two Types of "Christians"
by Benjamin L Corey
There's a difference between being a member of a Christian religion and being someone who is actively living like Jesus.
Truth to Power
Radical Christianity and Political Correctness
by Hakeem Muhammad
For years, the media has focused on radical Islam – but we need to look at extremism in Christianity, too.
Under the Ancient Oaks
The Ethics of Violence
by John Beckett
Violence is expensive, messy, and always brings collateral damage. When – if ever – is violence ethically permissible?
Standing on My Head
10 Positive Pro-Life Actions the Government Could Take
by Fr. Dwight Longenecker
There are actions the government–at both the state and federal levels–could take to help eradicate abortion.
More Important Reads This Week
Unfundamentalist Christians
The Real Story Behind Genesis
by Zach Christensen
The first chapters of Genesis were not written to communicate history or science. Creation stories had an entirely different purpose in the Ancient Near East.
The Chorus in the Chaos
A High Regard for Scripture Is Not Bibliolatry
by Grayson Gilbert
The term Bibliolatry is a buzzword designed to reject the Bible rather than actually deal with the substance of what the text dictates.
Wake Up Call
Is the Key to Knowing God Knowing Yourself?
by Tom Rapsas
Jesus tells us that our own self-knowledge is knowledge of God and that, like him, we are the children of God.

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