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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Talking with My Kids About Death

CT Pastors
Boring Church Services Changed My Life
While I fought to keep my eyes open, the gospel pressed deep into my heart.
Daniel Darling
I still believe that in some ways church does — or did — save me. It didn't save me in the ways you might expect: a spectacular Sunday service, a homerun sermon, or a gripping worship set. God's primary tool to transform my heart was not the conference speaker or the travelling revivalist or the worship concert. Those events were important, but now I realize that, more often, God changed my life using routine worship services in which I sang hymns I didn't quite understand and heard messages I didn't quite grasp. continue reading >>

Eat, Pray, Lent: Here's What Americans Actually Abstain From
Nearly 3 in 10 evangelical believers now observe the season before Easter.
Refugee Ban Forces World Relief to Lay Off 140 Staff
The evangelical resettlement agency announced it will close five locations.
Christian History
Why Pentecostalism's Multiethnic Beginning Floundered
Racial harmony broke down, but the hope did not.
Talking with My Kids About Death
How my husband and I are fumbling through some of the hardest—and holiest—conversations we've ever had.
The Exchange
Exposing the Truth about Honor and Shame
The Four Dimensions Christians Must Understand

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