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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rejecting the Negro Pew

Urban Mix-and-Match Religion Didn't Start with Nick Cannon
Why this 'new spirituality' is really just old-fashioned syncretism.
Ernest Cleo Grant II
While syncretism occurs in every context, it takes a different shape in the inner city. Urban religious syncretism is often a fusion of Egyptian Mysticism, ahistorical documentaries, urban folk religions, misunderstood Christian doctrine, unbiblical pan-African rhetoric, and countless other falsehoods. continue reading >>

Pakistan Convicts 42 Christians of Terrorism After Acquitting More Than 100 Muslims
Divergent verdicts on two of Lahore's biggest religious riots undercuts optimism for new law.
The Local Church
For Gaye Clark, Grief Is a Gracious Invitation
Why the writer, widow, and anti-trafficking volunteer doesn't shy away from the problem of pain.
The Forgotten Founder
The man who altered the course of black Baptist history finally has his say.
Christian History
Rejecting the Negro Pew
As revival religion blossomed, so did the independent black church.
The Exchange
A Journey of Evangelism in Scripture: The Temple
History reflects a God who deeply longs to be with His people.

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